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Furry Book Reviews
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Reviews of books with a "furry" theme (anthropomorphic animal characters).
This is a community for readers of furry fiction to share their opinions and reviews of some of the literature that is now being produced, both by fans and professionals and those in between.

Review format guidelines:
* Long reviews should be placed beneath a cut.
* You don't have to provide a rating (x/10), but you can if you like.
* Any plot spoilers should be beneath a cut and marked clearly both on the cut and in the body of the review.
* A summary of your review is helpful, but not necessary (e.g., "A rollicking adventure that loses focus but still manages to entertain.")
* The book reviewed should have some furry element.
* If you have any conflict of interest (e.g., you are the publisher or a friend of the author), that should be clearly stated.
* Tagging your review with the author and title of the work is encouraged, as it will help people locate the review later.

TO JOIN: Please e-mail your request along with the text of the first review you intend to post. Requests without an accompanying review will be denied.